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Time Holes All Business Owners Have To Avoid

A lot of business advice focuses on productivity – and for good reason, too.

Without a decent amount of productivity you will never be able to meet your business goals, or be able to grow your business to its full potential.

What tends to get left out of the productivity discussion is how reliant good productivity is on good time management. Every business can experience ‘time holes’; work that takes far longer than it should, ultimately slowing down your entire operation and preventing you from moving on to the next task. These time holes are something that any savvy businesswoman is going to know they need to close… if she can identify which areas have the biggest propensity to be a time hole, that is!

If you have ever wondered why you’re always running late or you never quite seem to be getting as much from your business as you might have hoped, below are four common causes of time being lost into a hole from which it can’t be retrieved. Why not read through and see if any of these are causing problems in your business?

#1. Running Basic Errands

There are many basic errands that business owners find themselves facing, from getting machinery like barcode scanners fixed through to having to mail items to customers. These errands might not seem like much, but they’re actually ripe for time thievery – especially if you have to do them more than once a week.

For almost every errand time hole, there’s a solution if you look for it. You could get your barcode scanner fixed by Mobile Computer Repair, who will collect and deliver it for you. You could arrange for a courier to collect the mail; it’s a bit more expensive, but the loss of time spent running to a Post Office has the potential to be just as costly in a different way. Keep an eye on where your time goes every week and see where you might be able to find a service to help you manage that errand.

#2. Long, Protracted Discussions With Customers

Some customers just love to talk. They might want to talk about a specific problem with an order, or they just want to talk about their day and what their plans are for the weekend. The former isn’t great, and the latter is nice but incredibly inconvenient.

If you find yourself constantly being sucked into conversations, then you could be losing hours of productivity every month. Refine your method for politely excusing yourself from a conversation and claim that time back where it belongs. Do it right and you won’t offend anyone, plus your business gets the time-focus it requires.

#3. A High Staff Turnover Rate

Finally, a high staff turnover rate can be the death knell for true productivity in your business. If you’re constantly having to go through recruitment processes and train new employees, you’re going to find yourself running into trouble – rapidly. It’s far better to hire carefully and then ensure your staff are happy; you’ll save yourself money, time and stress if you manage this.

Any business can experience time holes, but hopefully after reading through the above you’ll have a better idea of how you can avoid them in future.

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