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Tips for Starting Your First Fashion Blog

Did you know that almost a third of all blogs based in the UK focus on the subject of fashion?

There’s a huge readership out there, but with all that competition, it’s tough to get to the top. If you’re starting a new fashion blog, then how can you make sure that it gets noticed? How can you stand out from the crowd and attract serious attention?

Find your niche

Why should people read your blog and not another one? Writing about fashion in broad terms isn’t going to attract anyone’s interest. To get noticed, you need a unique selling point – a niche area of the business that you know inside out, and something to distinguish your blog from others dealing with the same niche.

Develop brand basics

It’s never too early to start developing your brand. This starts with choosing the right name, designing a logo, and choosing distinctive visual and writing styles. Pick the colours that will always be visible on your site (even if others change with the seasons) and decide on the fonts you want to use. Create a recognisable look.

Find the right platform

Fashion is a highly visual subject, so you’ll need to choose a platform and a template for your blog that let you put the focus on images, showcasing them in a way that suits your style. Make sure that the server where your site is based has the capacity to cope if one of your pictures goes viral.

Be smart about photos

Getting professional photos for a site like this can quickly become very expensive. Instead, invest in a decent but not overly complicated camera that you and your friends can use by yourselves, and take a large number of shots so that you can pick out the good ones. Remember that fashion blog readers generally want visual creativity and variety.

Be informative

People will keep on coming back to your site if they find it useful. Give them practical information about how they can get their hands on the products you feature. Consider bringing them news from the fashion world, talking about what celebrities are wearing or writing informative features on aspects of the industry.

Use video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures are worth even more. Use them to introduce yourself and talk about your passions – you’ll be amazed by what you can do with explainer video software. Take videos of local fashion shows or stage your own.

Be consistent

As you build up followers, you can keep them loyal by ensuring that new content appears on your blog every day at the same time, making it easy for them to check it out. You don’t need to use every social media platform, but where you do use them, post frequently so that your followers feel that you always have something new for them.

All this will help you get to the stage where your blog has a real presence. You can then start contacting agencies, persuading them to send you items for review, and turning your blog into a successful business.

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