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Let’s Get Together: Tips to Help Tackle Team Spirit Among Remote Workers

The business world has changed in every way in recent times.

For the most part, that’s good news for those going it alone. Never before have so many opportunities been so accessible. Now, anyone can run a business from anywhere. Even better, they can hire remote staff to help them. This drastically reduces start up costs and means more people than ever can afford to follow their dreams.

But, it would be naïve to think that working this way is plain sailing. While technology has helped many businesses develop, it’s also taken us a step away from the things we once thought important. Where remote working is concerned, this mainly applies to a loss of ‘the team’. For decades, managers have tried to boost team spirits within their workplace. If everyone’s working together, things run smoothly, and morale is higher.

The trouble is, your remote workers don’t see you, let alone each other. So, how can you build that all important sense of team? All it takes is a different approach. To help you get started, consider the following points.

Host Group Chats

In many offices, the morning conference is the most important time of day. This is when communication really comes into play. It’s where the whole office shares their ideas, and gains inspiration. It’s also a fantastic chance to set off on good footing each day. With the right team, these conferences are a fun way to share thoughts and generally chat.

But, your remote workers could be miles apart. Even if they’re close by, a daily conference would defeat the purpose of remote working. Instead, use the technology available to you to arrange group meetings online each morning. You could use video chats or text on programs such as Google Hangouts. This way, you all check in with each other and start the day with an inspirational boost.

Arrange Group Activities

Though your team is remote, there’s nothing to stop you hosting group activities every year or so. Given plenty of notice, your staff are sure to attend. What form these activities take is down to you; you could host a yearly Christmas meal, or arrange team building activities. Exclusive corporate entertainment venues like Adlington Hall often offer the chance to sign up for exercise courses and more. It’s well worth taking the chance to build your team here, given that it’s your only time of year to do so.

Encourage Team Work

Every company with remote workers choses to do things differently. Some don’t encourage staff members to interact at all. But, when building a sense of team, it’s worth encouraging interaction between them. This will also ensure that the isolated nature of the job doesn’t result in their leaving. Make sure to share contact details, and assign jobs to two remote workers. With online chat features, there’s no reason they can’t double up on what they’re doing. They’ll feel less alone this way and may be able to produce work to a better standard.

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