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Tips to Keep Your E-Commerce Customers Satisfied

When you are running an online business, you don’t normally get to see your customers.

You might only have contact with your clients by mail, social media or, in some cases, by phone, but face-to-face contact in general is missing. So how can you make sure that without any personal contact you still keep your customers satisfied? We would like to give you some tips to achieve this.

The most important thing is to put your client first with everything you do in your business. When you are designing or updating your website, for example, make sure you look at it as your shopper will do. Keep the site easy to navigate and assure that all the necessary information is accessible without having to click through too many pages. Also use language that is simple and clear to understand. And don’t forget to keep the check-out page as easy as can be, so there won’t be any obstacles here.

Promo items for loyal clients

One way to thank your loyal customers is by giving them a corporate gift. Everybody loves it when they are given something for free, and this will leave a positive impression with your clients. Choose a unique gift that fits with the type of business you run and personalise it. You can easily use an online digital print service and browse through the catalogue. By personalising your gift, your clients will be reminded of your company and maybe even share it with others.

What does your client need?

What can you offer that your customer actually needs? Find out what is missing in the market and where you can play a part. You can do some market research or a customer survey to ask your clients if there is some special service they would like from you. Customer Relationship Management needs to be an important part of your business strategy to make sure you offer a service that is filling a hole.

Check your logistics process

For an e-commerce enterprise, transport is an important part of the business. You can keep your clients satisfied by offering an excellent service with the shipping. Nowadays people are used to getting everything almost immediately, as and when they want it. So fast shipping or even free shipping will make sure you leave a good impression. It can even help to secure repeat orders, too.

Interact with your clients

Last but not least, it is important that you are open to interaction with your clients. Listening to their feedback can help you understand possible hiccups they might have met while using your services. With all the social media channels available nowadays, it is much easier to get a response from your customers. Make sure you respond to their comments, so potential new clients also get to see your business is active and listens to its shoppers.

Keeping your customers satisfied should be high on your priority list, since it can help repeat purchases through positive mouth-to-mouth promotion of your business.

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