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Top Office Designs for Boosting Productivity and Creativity

Working in an office brings a lot of benefits. From the way it enables teamwork to the convenience of having staff on-hand, there are plenty of plus points.

But as anyone who has ever worked in an office will know, sometimes it’s not always the best atmosphere for encouraging creativity and productivity. Grey walls, boring cubicles and plain old carpets can quickly stifle thinking, and creativity. However, several options are available for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to create a great working environment.

Vibrant Colours

If you work in a tidy office where creativity is an essential part of the job, you’re going to need to find some colours which provide at least some stimulation. Boring walls equals boring minds, and for a – say – design studio or marketing agency, that’s not going to work. Vibrant, however, doesn’t necessarily have to equal horrible or overly vivid. There’s a whole spectrum of colour between bland and over the top: consider, for example, using muted yet eye-catching hues such as turquoise to give your office a splash of vibrancy without causing headaches. Looking for more mellow versions of creativity-stimulating colours, such as light green instead of lime, will also help you to design a colour palette that is out of the ordinary without seeming to try-hard.

Natural Light

To some degree, the design and layout of your office will probably be relatively fixed – and it might be hard to make big changes when it comes to how much natural light you can allow to flood in. But if you have some windows, it’s important to take them into consideration – otherwise you could find yourself creating a dingy environment where people simply don’t want to come in to work. If you want to ensure that your employees feel at home at work, why not consider some DIY shutters? These can allow additional light to seep in in a controlled manner which can vary based on the light level outside, and they can also add a sense of welcoming and friendliness to the office.

Office Furniture

Office chairs and other furniture items aren’t exactly the sort of options you’d choose for your home, and many people would rather not have to sit in a swivel chair all day. While it’s true that a comfortable sofa isn’t the best seating option for your team’s desks, though, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some form of relaxing furniture into your office for those casual meetings and client events. Why not consider installing a break out area with couches and comfy chairs somewhere around the office, for example? That way, you could keep the ergonomic office chairs for desk work – and create a relaxing space for when people need some time out.

Whether you’ve got a large team in your office or just a small group of co-workers, it’s important to put design front and centre in your planning. Relying on certain traditional office colours just doesn’t cut it in the modern world. In a highly competitive business environment, productivity and creativity are necessary – which means that designing an office which reflects this need is essential.

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