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Startup Security: Toxic Threats to Avoid

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the possible threats to your business.

However, to have a truly solid and secure startup, you need to know about the things that could negatively affect it, as well as the things that work in its favour. With this in mind, keep reading for more information on how to prevent toxic security threats affecting your company’s opportunity to succeed.

IT Security

With so much being done online, it truly is vital to protect yourself in the virtual world as well as the physical one. Luckily, protecting your data is probably the easiest security task to sort as there are recognised industry standards that you can put in place to prevent breaches of privacy.

These include being aware of new threats like phishing scams and hacking vulnerabilities in your IT structure. It can also include proactive measures such as dual authentication passcodes and sending your IT equipment to specialised computer recycling centres when you are done with it, so they can wipe the data contained (meaning anyone who goes on to acquire your old machines will not have have all your sensitive information at their fingertips). In these ways, you can prevent most threats to your digital security, helping maintain your edge over the competition and keeping your prospects more secure.

Employee Security and Safety

Looking after your staff, and ensuring that they are safe, isn’t always as easy – primarily because people aren’t always predictable. It is also a two-pronged activity because you need to look after them whilst ensuring that they are acting with your company’s best interests at heart.

You need to be confident that they are protected in the workplace – both from internal threats to their well-being such as bullying, and from unreasonable demands. At the same time you need to be sure that they are maintaining your company’s security and integrity in terms of information and reputation. With regards the former, following clear rules of how to act in the work environment, as well as safety procedures, are helpful, whilst with respect to the latter, clear expectations and – in extreme cases – the use of private corporate investigation companies (who can ferret out any wrongdoing like fraud) can help.

Market Security

Lastly, another facet of security that you need to consider for your startup is how stable it is within the market it is operating. Of course, markets rise and fall, and startups are often at a disadvantage as they can expand – and shrink – fast, making it harder to predict stability moving forwards.

However, there are things you can do to foster a more secure place in the market, such as always having a plan B. This means if your original idea isn’t working, you have another income stream set up and ready to go. Then you can either switch to trying something new, or use it to generate funds until plan A gets back on its feet. By doing so, you make your position in the market – no matter how unstable – a lot more secure.

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