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Turn Health into Wealth (No Need For Medical School!)

When you think of a career in the health industry, chances are it’s doctors and nurses that spring to mind.

While these are undoubtedly incredible careers, they’re not for everyone. However, if you don’t have the time, money or inclination to spend up a decade getting qualified, it doesn’t mean you need to give up your dreams of working in health altogether. Health isn’t always about fixing people who are ill; it’s also about promoting wellness, and there are lots of careers in this area that you can do without the need for lots of education. So if you’re not able to go back to school full time, or you’re changing careers later in life these are great to consider. Here’s how you can turn your love of health into wealth with no medical school needed.

Sell Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines are so much more than just placebo or ‘witch doctory’ like some people think. Herbs have been used in medicine for centuries, and can have incredibly powerful effects without causing harm to the body like some man made medicines. People use these to promote wellness, or some as a way to reduce the dose of their prescribed medicine (with doctors advice). Herbal medicines can help with everything from digestion to fertility to healing. Buy your herbal medicines from a trusted supplier, then resell for a profit. You just need to make sure that everything is properly labelled and isn’t in any way misleading. For example, you can’t make claims that haven’t been tested such as hailing them miracle cures.

Get into Massage

Massage therapy is incredibly beneficial to health. It can ease tense muscles, promote feelings of wellbeing and and in the case of sports and deep tissue massage it can promote healing too. You can get qualifications like a Raynor Massage Certificate with no previous education or experience in massage making it great for beginners or if you want a career change. You can work freelance, or find a job vacancy within a company.

Sell Medical Books or Equipment

Another way you can buy and sell for a profit while still being involved in the healthcare field is by selling things like medical books to students, or medical equipment. Sourcing lots of items from across the internet and selling them gives people a convenient ‘one stop shop’ for their healthcare needs, and you may be able to offer better prices and a wider range of items than regular health stores or chemists. This could include anything from  blood pressure monitors to walking sticks, first aid kits, foot orthotics, ice and heat packs and so much more. You could sell online or from a physical store, if you set up close to a clinic or hospital or by somewhere like a retirement village where lots of people will need these kinds of items then you could help people while making plenty of money.

Have you considered a career in the health, wellness or medical industry?


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