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Unique Ways to Boost Productivity in the Office

One of the biggest issues business women who run offices face is that of productivity.

The fact is that although offices are often an essential part of business, they are not always the most inspiring of places to be and they can very easily zap the motivation of employees to work hard and do their best day in day out. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way! If you take the time to do the things that have been shown to boost productivity and make employees happier and more motivated, then your company’s productivity shouldn’t suffer.

So what are some of the best ways to boost productivity in the office? These ideas are as unique as they are effective…

Hang Works of Art

The office can be pretty dull, especially if you’re confined to a cubicle or the same four white walls for 8 hours a day. So, it is not surprising that research has shown that hanging attractive works or art can boost the mood and increase the motivation and productivity of office workers. The key is to choose artworks that speak to your staff and inspire them to achieve more. A good art advisory company can help you to choose the right art for your office if you aren’t sure what would be most appropriate. Just make sure that it meets your brand message as well as being inspirational to your staff so that you get the most out of it.

Let Your Employees Take a Nap

When people are allowed to take short naps in the afternoon, they wake up feeling more refreshed, which enables them to crack on and get their work done more efficiently for the remainder of the day when they might usually flag. There is also some evidence to suggest that napping can boost creativity too. That might be what you can actually buy nap desks now! Just make sure they don’t nap more than 15 minutes or it could have the opposite effect.

Encourage Exercise

You might think that paying to subside the gym memberships of your employees or running in-office yoga classes is a waste of time and money, but if you’re looking to boost productivity, it really isn’t. Getting the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing will help to motivate your employees and get them ready for the day of work ahead. If you don’t see an improvement after encouraging exercise, I’d be very surprised.

Allow for More Flexible Working

There is lots of research to suggest that if you let employees work flexibly, and especially if you enable them to work outside of the office sometimes, they will be more productive as a result. This surprises many people, but it shouldn’t really because when individuals have more control over their schedule, they more often than not work hard and fast so that they can leave work behind and move on to something more fun like a hobby or hitting the gym.

If you try any of these ideas in your office, you should see that productivity levels begin to soar. However, your employees will eventually get used to them as the norm, so you should always be looking for new ways to push productivity even further!

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