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Up Your Customer Game by Increasing Quality

As business owners, we all know that the customer is king, and that it’s good for business to keep them happy.

It’s not always as easy to understand exactly how to do this, though, and especially not when everything that has to do with increasing quality usually means spending more money. It’s not something small business owners are able to always do.

Here are a handful of great tips on how you can keep customers around for longer by increasing both quality and service without spending much money at all. It won’t necessarily be easy – but it will definitely be worth it.

Think of them as your boss

If you are in charge of your business, your customers should be in charge of you. Your mere existence depends on them being happy with you, after all, and going out of your way to help them makes it clear that you mean business. By taking this approach to customer service and telling your team to do the same, you’ll flip the angle on customer service, and they may notice a difference quite soon.

Always thank them for the visit, ask if there’s anything else they need help with, and try to impress them. It may seem obvious enough, but many business owners struggle with giving their customers this kind of attention – simply because they don’t understand how important it is. Treat them as your boss, and they’ll like you a whole lot better for it.

Focus on customer feedback

When you want to increase the quality of your services to keep customers around for longer, it’s important to start by gathering some data. It doesn’t make sense to start swapping everything out for something better, after all, when they may be perfectly happy with what you already offer. Send out questionnaires, reward the people who provide you with answers, and make it as clear as day that you’re looking to boost your quality and give them a better service.

The aspects of your business you need to change will, of course, depend completely on the industry you’re in. It could mean finding a better logistics systems to become a bit more productive if the customer feedback points towards a slow or chaotic service – or it may mean swapping some of your manufacturing parts, such as using zinc platers and higher-quality parts if you’re in the automobile industry.

Customer feedback is, therefore, alpha omega, as the changes you need to make are unique to each company. There’s no formula to follow, so get out there and start gathering data.

Use social media

Since we’re on the topic of finding out how satisfied customers already are, you may as well join in the conversation on social media, too. It’s a really handy tool for tracking customer satisfaction – and it’s completely free, making it ideal for all small business owners. It’s common for customers to turn to social media these days to leave their complaints somewhere public; it’s great news for transparency, but maybe not so great for your company.

Use social media to host Q&A sessions with your customers, and to keep an eye on your competitors too – it makes it a bit easier to stay ahead of the competition without paying up for it.

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