Using SEO in Your Marketing

In case you weren’t sure, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s a process where you use key phrases and keywords to increase your popularity and likelihood of appearing high up on the search engine list.

It’s an effective method and marketing strategy that every business should use, without fail, online. These key phrases are integrated into your website more than anything, spaced through rather than phrase dumped, and are picked up through algorithms within the search engine and used to rank your site on the results page of the search engine. The phrases are determined through what people search for most and can differ between completely simple and more complex, for example; ‘photography’ and ‘portrait photography’. Searching ‘near me’ doesn’t change the phrase, it merely signifies the need for a location search.

SEO is so important for your business for all those reasons. Think about how often you click onto the second page of Google; how often, even, you click the link at the bottom of the page. You need to be up there at the top of the page.

So how do you use SEO for your business?

You first need to find the phrases you require and that will best suit your business needs. The best place for that is through Google AdWords. Seeing as Google is the number one search engine, it would be the wise choice to use their key phrases as they are the best judge for the majority of people all over the world. The chances are that any people using other search engines use the same phrases when looking for something online.

Next you need to integrate those phrases into your website. The most recommended places to integrate your phrases are within the home page and the about page of you site. Trying to use key phrases within blog posts doesn’t always work out but, when you can, try and use one or two within the first paragraph. If you are designing the website yourself and writing the content, then do some research into how best to write it. Quite often, business owners think they can do the best job because they know their business better than anyone – which is logical to a degree, however, when you are so wrapped up in the company and the industry, the jargon and language used doesn’t always fit the site.

Which is why using an SEO agency like Lexel can be the best option, as the content will be perfectly written to incorporate the right SEO phrases for you, be the right level of formality you want, and be able to effectively and efficiently explain and introduce your company. And they will do that without overloading the content with industry specific jargon, and without speaking down to your customers. It’s a fine line between being understandable to all, and being patronising, so hiring someone who does it for a living might just be your best option.

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