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Visual Merchandising Tips That Can’t Fail

If your business is retail – and especially if you have a bricks and mortar store – you need to do everything you can to attract customers.

Using eye-catching displays on your business premises is one of the best ways to do that. Good visual merchandising will drive more customers to your shop and convince them to make a purchase, so it is certainly something worth investing in.

Here are some pretty effective tips to help you increase your sales via improved visuals:

Make the Window Display the Star of the Show

You can’t make sales if no one comes inside, so your main focus should always be on your window display. Try to create a display that is dynamic, eye-catching and which features your most luxurious and impressive products. This will draw people in.

Use Your Space Effectively

You’ll probably want to pack as much of your merchandise into your shop as possible, but doing that could actually work against you. Why? Because although you’ll have more to offer, consumers will have difficulty making their way through the shop and looking at the products they’re interested in without feeling claustrophobic. It can also make the place look decidedly ‘low-rent’.

It’s actually a much better idea to cut down on the products a little and make sure that the aisles are a little wider and that you can create distinct, spacious sections for your customers’ ease, as far as possible.

Dress Your Mannequins with Care

If you selling clothing, it’s important that you take the time to dress your mannequins – whether you’re using a headless mannequin or those with heads – immaculately. If you just sling the clothes on them willy-nilly, they won’t look as smart as they actually are and it will put people off. It might take a little extra time to fit the clothes to the mannequin, but it’s totally worth it.

Promote a Consistent Brand Identity

If you not only want to attract customers but also keep them coming back, then you need to create a strong brand identity and use that uniformly throughout your shop. Everything from your signage to the lining of your jewellery display cases should be in your brand colours, and every sign or notice you have up should use the same font. This will make your business more visually appealing, and seem more professional.

Regular Rotation

If you want to keep people interested and keep the cash rolling in, you need to regularly rotate your merchandise and refresh your displays. If shoppers never see anything different, then there is going to come a point when they won’t bother coming back. This will prevent that from happening.

Start Work on Holidays Early

If you want your displays to be at their best over key retail periods like Christmas, during the summer holiday season or at Halloween, for example, then you not only need to start planning very early, but also you need to start setting up your displays early too. That way, you’ll get the jump on the competition and have more time to create displays that are truly outstanding.

Try these ideas out and you can’t fail!

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