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Ways Your Business Will Benefit From An Email List

Whether you’re just starting your email list for the first time, or you’re rebuilding it, this post is going to list a few of the key ways that your business will benefit from having an email list.

Many people may tell you that email is dead or that social media and other forms of marketing are where you should be focusing your efforts.

In all honesty, email is going nowhere anytime and as long as you have the right strategy in place and are using email from a place of service and not being sleazy with it, then it’s probably one of the best forms of marketing that you could use in your business.

Even if you’re not in a position to be investing in Facebook ads, email can still work for you by using completely organic strategies to grow your list.

You’ll get to know your audience better:

Take a look at what your ideal client is really struggling with. Either they will be asking you this directly, or they’ll be posting in places Facebook groups.

You’ll also see trends in the emails they’re opening and clicking on from you, so once you have this insight into what your audience really wants and needs then you’ll be able to better tailor your content and create products and services that they’ll want to buy because you’ve taken the time to understand them and this will help you build trust with them.

Your opt-ins can lead into automated funnels:

Since figuring out what people want help with in step 1, you’ll be able to come up with an extremely high-value opt-in for you ideal client in the form of a mini-course or a series of blog or video posts. For example, companies like Xibis are software developers who could create a downloadable PDF or a video series for people to educate them on the need for such a service. This will then lead people down your sales funnel which you can automate to create buyers on repeat.

You’ll be able to highlight the value of your paid offers:

One of the main struggles people have when trying to gain subscribers for their freebie is showing the value of it, or why it’s going to be useful.

Even with your free stuff, you want people to get results, and to feel like it’s actually worth their time – yes, even if it’s free.

If they knew that your course, although only a small 5-part course, was very high value and that you were giving away your exact strategies to help people get their first paying clients – stuff that actually worked for you and you knew that if they applied what you were showing them, that they could get the same results, then this will really help position your paid offerings as a much higher in value if they already feel like they’re able to get real results from the free stuff.

This then helps them to know that they want more in-depth knowledge and help in the form of your paid stuff and since you’ve already highlighted the value of it then it becomes much easier to sell that way.

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