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What Is Order Management?

If you are the owner of a business which deals with products, you should already be well aware of what order management is.

If not, we are going to take a look at the process today and see what it will entail for your business process.

What Is It?

Order management is the process of just that: managing orders. When a customer orders an item from your store, order management shows how you deal with this process and what steps you take from the moment the order is processed to it landing at their door.

It involves everything from making your invoice, making sure that the payment goes through, packaging the item, shipping it and delivering it to your customer. It is the last stage in your supply chain and is the part which will put your customer service skills to the test.

In a wholesale or e-commerce business, order management is essential and you need to ensure that it is completed effectively for both your business and your customers. Here are some of the things which are involved in the process of order management:

  • An order is placed by the customer and they receive a confirmation
  • If through the sales team, they will put the order through for the customer and make sure that it goes through the system correctly
  • The order is found in the warehouse and picked out to be packed
  • The item is packaged, a receipt is printed and the order is posted
  • The company will track the order and make sure it gets to the recipient on time
  • The order arrives and you can ask for feedback on the service
There’s an App for It

Of course, in this day and age, we can always benefit from order management software which can integrate our system and put everything in one easy to access place. Rather than jotting everything down and recording your orders in different places you can benefit from having all of your records in one area. This will allow you to keep everything organized throughout the ordering process and then you can analyse your data and the efficiency of your processes to see whether there are areas you can improve on. There will always be ways to make your business go smoother, so having technology in your arsenal can make a big difference to you.


When we look at the whole process of order management, there are a lot of different steps and a lot of different people involved in it all. The main thing we need to take away from this is that it is better to integrate everything in one place to be able to make sense of all the data. By integrating all of this data with your sales it will show the bigger picture and allow you to really see how successful your business is at selling to your customers and how you can improve in your business as a whole.

Writing Invoices

One of the most important parts of the order management process is writing an invoice and making sure that you understand how to make it legally binding. An invoice is a contract of sale so it has to have every single piece of information you can on there. For example, you need to think about making sure you get all of yours and the customers’ information accurate on there. Get a lawyer to check it over and ensure that everything is present and correct for when you send it over.

Make Shipping Easier

When it comes to shipping your items from your warehouse to the customer you have to make sure that you do it efficiently. Shipping items to customers are something which you need to research heavily and finding the right haulage company is crucial to your success. Unless you have haulage vehicles of your own you will have to outsource for haulage and freight vehicles. The decision you make is integral to your reputation and therefore you will need to conduct interviews with potential hauliers to make sure you can trust them to transport your goods safely.

In conclusion, order management is a part of your business which you need to educate yourself and your team about this year, as it can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your business. If you can integrate everything into one place and make your orders more streamlined, you are onto a winner with your business and you will grow to new heights.

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