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What Makes a Great Company Website?

A good company website isn’t just an added bonus to your business: it’s essential if you want to do well.

Publish something cheap and amateurish, and you could be putting off customers before they’ve even had chance to look at what you’re selling. Competition is fierce, so don’t fall at the first hurdle. Here’s what you need to do to ensure your website is up to scratch.


Websites should always be intuitive and easy to navigate. Avoid features that look fancy but make it harder to get around – you will simply put people off. You should be able to click through and access all parts of the site, either through searching or with well-placed menus. Keep menu links relevant and organised, using sub-categories if you need to rather than cluttering the space with lots of different links. An Umbraco web company will be able to ensure all of this is done correctly if you’re not an expert with web design. Unless you’re a professional, it’s highly advisable to leave it to the experts.

Organised Content

Organisation, and how easy everything is to read, is also hugely important. This refers to how the information itself is structured. Most users will skim through information rather than read everything on a page, and pick out points of interest. Therefore, organising it well will allow them to do this without being put off and leaving the site. Use paragraphs with subheadings and bullet points where necessary to break everything up and make it easy and accessible to read or skim.

Not Distracting

Avoid fancy fonts, flash graphics, music or anything that plays automatically. Do not install popups asking users to sign up for emails. These things will only distract and put off a reader. A welcome video is a great addition, but let readers click on this if and when they want, rather than setting it to play automatically. Making sure your pages are properly optimised for different devices will make your content easier to read, as well. Anything that requires you to zoom in, or scroll horizontally, isn’t a good sign.

Clear Contact Information

Clear contact information shows that your company is trustworthy, and gives potential customers peace of mind. People will want to know that should a problem occur, they can easily get in contact with you. Ensure your phone number, email address and social media links can easily be found, either on the main page or within a ‘contact’ page in the main menu. A live chat feature could be a good addition, too, which again gives people confidence and allows them to resolve issues in real time.

A Company Blog

A fantastic final touch on your company website is a blog. Not only will this show that your company is professional and trustworthy, but also it can help to boost your ranking in search engines. Every time you write a blog post, it provides another indexed page on your site. These blog posts have the potential to be shared across social media, too, which is another way to drive more traffic to you.

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