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Why Effective Communication is The Bedrock of a Stable Business

There are so many ways in which communication is essential in business that it’s hard to pin them all down.

The way that managers communicate with their colleagues; the way that the brand communicates with the marketplace; the way that customer services staff communicate with customers. All of these are hugely important, and a stable business relies upon this communication being effective, efficient and reliable. In today’s post, we will analyse some of the ways in which you can ensure this happens in your business.

Between Colleagues

A real mark of a business is the way that colleagues communicate with one another. If this communication is honest, open and easy-flowing, it is a strong indicator of the stability of the business as a whole. A workplace in which people feel happy communicating is the hub of a business which communicates well with the outside world. But how can you go about ensuring that your workplace encourages this kind of open communication between individuals and teams?

One of the most effective methods is to embody this process in yourself first. If your colleagues see you talking openly and communicating well, this will soon create and contribute to a culture in which others do exactly the same. Once this starts to happen, the ball is rolling, and before you know it your office culture will be a much happier one.

There are so many ways in which this openness of communication in the workplace can improve a business. You will find that the internal mood and morale are improved greatly, and this in turn will mean that a lot more gets done. It is also often surprising just how much this subtly affects the customer. Get this right, and you are off to a good start – but there are other kinds of communication you need to watch out for as well.

For The Sake Of Safety

You have certain duties as a manager and business owner, and some of them relate directly to keeping everyone safe and healthy in their place of work. This is actually one of the most vital functions of communication in business, and something which you can’t readily overlook.

You need to be able to communicate honestly anything safety-related which might concern your colleagues or any visitors to your workplace. Bear in mind that communication is not just verbal. In this case, it might just as well be some Big Print signs explaining health & safety procedures and rules – or it might be a handbook which your colleagues are issued with upon arrival. However you do it, effectively communicating safety is a hugely important concern. You need to make sure you get it right at the outset, as hard as that can sometimes seem to be.

To The Customer

Of course, how you communicate within the workplace is not the only concern here. You also need to think carefully about how you communicate with customers – a particularly important process which needs a lot of attention.

Your customers have the right to be treated with respect, and a large part of ensuring this is the case is making sure that you communicate with them well. But what should this communication look and sound like? Generally, it will be essential that you train your customer services staff to be polite, friendly, but without being overly close. You are aiming for a kind of easy going style, and it might be worth vetting who you hire for these positions in order to only end up with the very best. The quality of your customer services staff is really important in this respect, as it makes a huge impact on how the customer feels about your business. Ultimately, the experience the customer receives is paramount to all else, so this might be the most important form of communication that you need to be concerned with of all.

With proper communication towards your own staff and your customers, you have set the tone for a much stronger business. But where else does it matter how you communicate? The next one might be something that you have not paid as much attention to as you maybe should have…

In The Marketplace

There is one kind of communication which can really make or break a business, and it is called the brand. You might not before have considered your brand as being a form of communication, but if you think about it, it is the way in which your business communicates with the outside world. That is what a brand is, that’s how it functions. Clearly, ensuring that this communication is strong is going to be a hugely important factor to reflect on in all of this.

It is often beneficial, particularly if you have not thought of doing this before, to look at your brand from the perspective of communication rather than just branding. What is it that your brand is really saying to the marketplace? How does it come across? In the same way that individuals often give off unconscious cues, businesses too sometimes give away more than they really should, or give away the wrong information altogether. You need to pay close attention to what your brand is really saying in order to improve the way your business operates in the real world. As long as you are doing that, you will be able to make whatever changes might prove to be necessary for your business to flourish.

You might have heard the advice of treating your brand as though it were a person. It is true that this is a useful way of thinking of it – and when it comes to its communication, it might prove to be vital. If your brand were an individual, what would people think of it?

Getting to the bottom of this can give you the tools you need to place your business in a better position in the marketplace, in the customer’s mind, and in relation to other businesses. Consider all this next time you are wondering how you might be able to boost your business.

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