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Why Is GDPR So Important?

If you haven’t already heard of the new laws we face this year in the EU, we will get you up to speed.

From the 25th May 2018 there will be a new way of storing and protecting your data in business. It is known as the GDPR law and ensures that all of our data is kept up to date, accurate and safe within a business database. But why is it important?

It gives people the right to be forgotten

The worst thing about being online is the fact that third parties will sell your email address and give it to other people to contact you with. It is a disgusting way to be violated and your data is often kept by completely alien companies to you. However, in the next week or two this will all change, and you will have the right to be forgotten by any company you don’t want to be contacted by. You can contact a company to ask to be forgotten, and if they don’t comply within a certain timeframe they can be fined up to 2% of their annual turnover for the breach.

Prevents data breaches

One of the great things about this new law is the fact that it will reduce the instance of data breaches and leaks. You can now use Cyber Essentials for your business to ensure that all data you keep in your business stays safe and stays accurate. It will prevent a data breach from happening and therefore stop you from having to worry about paying a fine.

Personal data means a wide range of things

The idea of having your personal data in the hands of strangers is terrible and it can be stressful if you find references to yourself in their marketing materials and even as an image on their website without your consent. These new laws will broaden the term of personal data and will mean any of the following: name, address, company, email address, bank details, images, social media posts, correspondence and anything else in the business which can be traced back to you. The idea is to ensure you are not traceable by anyone who has harmful intentions.

Security will improve

A huge stipulation in the new GDPR law is technical and organisational measures you must undergo as a company. These measures will be anything from the security you have on your computer’s, the permissions you set and the way you store the data online. It will ensure that any data kept by a business is kept under lock and key, and that it is completely protected.

Opting in

When you sign up for an account, the company will usually have a box pre-ticked to say that you are happy to receive newsletters and other sales information. You have to unclick this if you don’t want to be contacted, which shouldn’t be the case. With the GDPR law coming in, companies can no longer do this and you have to opt in if you want emails from them. This is a victory in itself!

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