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Why Isn’t Your Business Website Clicking With Customers?

If your website has a low level of traffic, there’s probably an issue with your SEO strategy.

But what if customers are clicking on your site and then clicking away, in search of the competition? This means they found your site and something completely turned them off. It’s important to fix this issue if you want to keep your conversion rate healthy. So, let’s look at some of the issues that can cause this type of effect.

So Slooooooo….w

What happens if you click on a site that takes forever to load? Even when the page does appear it’s filled with issues and bugs due to performance problems. You’re not going to stay on a site like this and neither will your customers. Usually, if your site is loading slowly, it will be a hosting issue. Maybe you’re not hosting your site at all, or you need to change your host service. Either way, if a website takes more than a couple seconds to load you can guarantee customers are clicking away before they even see your content.

Devilish Details

It’s also possible that there’s a tiny issue on your site that is having a massive impact on your business. This could be anything from the colour of a buy button to a font you have used for a post title. It could have a subconscious or conscious impact on users and cause them to click away. That’s why you may want to do a little A-B testing.

Through A-B testing you can run two versions of your site at the same time, showing each to half your customers and find out whether minor details have an impact on conversions. You can then make the necessary changes to the prime version of your site.

Is It Safe?

These days this is a question that users always have at the back of their minds. They are wondering whether they can trust your business website. But this is no longer a vague question because now search engines are giving your customers the answer. You might have a ‘not secure’ label next to your site in certain search engines. Here’s how to make your website secure – make sure that it is running on HTTPs. Believe it or not, this will bring a huge change to both the level of protection you are giving to customers and their perception of your security.

A Cluttered Mess

You might also find that a user will click off because they haven’t been able to find what they were looking for. Typically, a user should never be more than three clicks from the solution they are searching for on your site. If they are, this points to an issue with site structure. It’s also possible that your website is a jumbled mess of content. You need to clean it up, ensuring that each section is clear and easy for customers to understand and read.

We hope you find this information useful and that it allows you to address issues with low levels of user retention on your website.

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