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Why More Women Should Consider Engineering as a Career

Many work and business sectors in the UK are experiencing a skills shortage.

In fact, by 2022, it’s estimated that around 2 million people will be required to fill the gaps. The science and technology industries will be among those that suffer, as will the engineering sector. And it is with this in mind that we take a look at why more women should consider engineering as a career.

A Dynamic Sector to Work in

Over recent years there have been massive strides forward in the engineering sector, making it more dynamic and exciting to work in. The sector now spans a wide range of areas, disciplines and is accented by some really interesting companies.

Examples of the types of areas women could find themselves working in include digital applications, chemical engineering and avionics – as well as the more traditional types of engineering roles.

It is also well worth noting that the sector is beginning to shed its image as being one that is completely dominated by men. Although there are still many more men in the industry, the numbers of women are rising and there’s a growing list of extremely important figures who have been successful and who work for top firms.

“I studied physics at university, went on to become a structural engineer and worked on the design of The Shard in London.” Explained Roma Agrawal when speaking to Make It Magazine.

When discussing the routes into the engineering sector Agrawal continued, “We have to show young people, especially girls, that far from closing down options, studying maths and science actually expands them.”

Qualifying for the Engineering Sector

Whilst qualifying for many of the top jobs in the engineering requires being good at academic subjects such as physics and maths, this is not the be all and end all.

An enquiring mind is one of the most valuable assets needed to become an engineer and a passion for solving problems. Young women who have always enjoyed taking things to pieces to discover how they work and rebuilding them are among the prime candidates for a career in the sector.

It should also be made clear to women that there are a multitude of different roles to investigate and pathways into the industry. A visit to the Big Bang Fair or contact with the Tomorrows Engineers Project are just two of the avenues that women can travel if they want to find out more.

The Rewards

The rewards of a career in the engineering sector are aplenty. Workers in the sector can expect to earn higher average salaries than those in other industries for example. And the sheer variety of work means that they are unlikely to get bored by their work. Plus, there is often travel involved.

Now is the perfect time for women to start thinking about a job in the engineering sector, shed some stereotypes and carve out a cool career.

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