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Why Office Interior Design is More Important Than You Think

Did you know your office interior could be impacting the success of your business? Times have certainly changed and a lot of research has shown that the way an office is designed can impact both employee wellbeing and productivity.

Here, we’ll take a look at why office interior design matters and how you can use it to create a productive and motivational environment.

The impact office design has on employee wellbeing

Research shows that poor office design can negatively impact your employee’s wellbeing. Artificial lighting is a great example.

If your office lacks natural lighting, you may be using bright fluorescent lighting to compensate. The trouble is, this is known to cause all kinds of health issues for employee’s, included added stress and headaches. Natural lighting on the other hand, can leave your employees feeling refreshed, motivated and healthier. So, consider adding light, stylish window covers from a company like Direct Blinds, to maximise natural lighting wherever possible.  

Even the colour scheme of your office could be impacting your employee’s wellbeing. Ideally, you should focus on bright, energising colours as these are known to inspire creativity, productivity and a general feeling of wellbeing.

How it impacts productivity

If your employees aren’t happy in the space they’re working in, they aren’t going to do their best work. A nice layout and aesthetically pleasing design on the other hand, helps to really boost productivity.

One thing in particular which is known to boost productivity is greenery. Scenic views and greenery have been shown to boost morale, motivation and productivity. However, in city offices a scenic view can be very hard to find! That’s why some companies are choosing to get creative.

Plants and green spaces within the office itself can really help. However, you could also try something a little more extravagant if you have the budget and opt for a rooftop garden or a courtyard with flowers and plants.

The benefits of improving office design

You’ve seen how a nice office design can impact employee productivity and wellbeing. However, that’s not the only benefits you can expect to experience.

Enhancing your office space helps you to develop your brand and culture. Ideally, it should reflect your company’s vision and goals, and prove visually appealing to any new clients or customers who come into the office.

The fact your employees will be happier, also helps to boost your company’s bottom line. A satisfied workforce is a more productive one, which in turn is great for business. So, if you’ve been putting off getting your office space updated, now’s definitely the time to reconsider. Making it more appealing could benefit both you and your employees.

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