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Why Taking a Career Risk Could Be The Best Thing You Do

Do you sit at work wondering is this it?

If no, then you’re living the dream and we all want to be you.

If yes, then you’re like the majority of us. Welcome to our world.

Since childhood, we’ve learned to follow a path: from school to university and into a stable job. Our parents showed us that we have to work hard, and society shouts out that we’re better off going for the well-paid jobs over the unreliable creative niches. We were taught a work-till-you-retire mentality, to leave the things you enjoy for the weekend.

For a lot of people, that’ll be just fine. If you can fit yourself into an industry you enjoy and work your way up – or start something of your own – you’re already on an amazing path.

But if you can’t help ponder over that feeling that there’s something lacking, then perhaps taking a jump towards the career you want is the push you need. Not all risks will be sensible or pay off, but if you have had something floating around in the back of your mind for a while now and you know a logical way of making a go of it, here’s why you should seriously consider taking the plunge:
  1. Nothing grows in your comfort zone. Nothing will change while you follow the same routine, so you can’t expect each day to be exciting unless you go out and make it so.
  2. Reaching goals takes baby steps. You won’t get there in a week – it’ll probably take years – so the first (and hardest) thing to do is take the step to begin.
  3. You’ll learn about the ‘what ifs’. Rather than sitting there wondering what else could be going on, you could be actually finding out.
  4. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. Without piling too much pressure on yourself, doing something out of the ordinary is a good lesson in how you deal with new things and could help you with future work.
  5. Complaining about your current situation is making you unhappy. You’re never going to be able to feel completely positive when you’re not actually happy and are being negative all the time. Take your wellbeing into consideration and see if a change could boost your mood and work drive.
  6. It is possible to love your job. You don’t have to dislike every day. There are people in the world that love what they do and you could be one of those if you choose to claim the opportunity.
  7. It doesn’t have to be a complete change. No one expects you to do anything too crazy, but consider a different role in a new department, or a change of hours, to try new things.
  8. You might just surprise yourself. Give yourself more credit and learn to trust in your own ability. You may be surprised at your successes in the long run.
So whether you feel stuck in a rut or are just considering your next move, maybe the thing that you’re afraid of is the one that’s most likely to help you reach your goals. With a solid base and some research and support behind you, you could find yourself following your dreams.
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Katie Hopkins lives amongst piles of books and pug memorabilia. As a copy-editor and freelance writer, she is always immersed in words, and is captivated by the world of careers and the pursuit of happiness, alongside a little fascination with true crime. She tweets as @katie_louh.

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