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Working From Home & Bringing Up Kids: How to Achieve The Impossible

Working and raising a family is one of the most difficult tasks we can possibly take on, but is working from home the answer? Well, it depends on quite a few factors; how much money do you need to make, what are your skills, how much time do you have available and how demanding are your child-caring responsibilities? We will take a look at the advantages of working from home for a parent trying to juggle the hectic lifestyle of raising children and making a living.

How Much Money Do You Need To Make?

This is a really key question as it will impact on every other consideration you will look at when evaluating whether or not working from home is feasible for you. Do you have a partner who brings in the main portion of the families income and need to just make a part time wage to top up the family finances, or are you the one solely responsible for supporting the family? Either way, it might be best to create a family budget planner on a spreadsheet and then see what you need to get by and how much you’ll want for a social life and holidays; don’t forget to include an emergency fund as well.

What Are Your Skills, Experience & Qualifications

What are your skills and experience? Are there any skills you can use to make money from home such as craft skills you can make an income from as this is something you already enjoy and would possibly be doing anyway? Do you have any professional skills or qualifications you can use such as bookkeeping or web design? These types of tasks can be done around your current child-rearing schedule. Remember if you are working from home you will need to ensure you have a good and reliable broadband connection in place as not being connected can be a killer for the remote worker. You can check the different deals on phone and broadband using a comparison site like Simply Switch to see what deals are out there and what suits your needs best.

Retraining Or Studying For a New Qualification

You can always look at retraining in a new skill or even studying remotely for a college or university qualification. Studying from home, also known as distance learning, is becoming more and more popular, especially with the rise of the internet and all the online resources that are available through it these days. It’s so easy to access information and learning online; for example, almost all academic journals are available at the touch of a button via subscriptions you would get as part of a university course, and even communicating with teachers and fellow students is so much easier with video conferencing, tutorials and lectures able to be done remotely online and learn this way.

There are lots of ways to make a living or improve your professional life while bringing up a family, so have a think and I’m sure you’ll find the right opportunity.

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