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Working From Home? Build a Garden Office

Working from home is amazing: you can sit in your pyjamas all day long; eat snacks whenever you want; and enjoy the silence of no colleagues moaning about the weather.

Sometimes, though, you might not feel like the small office you have created for yourself in the spare room is enough. Which is why, if you have a garden, you can take things a step further: by building a garden office.

Got a garden? Got a shed? Got a weekend with no plans? These are all the ingredients you’ll need to create an awesome working space for yourself outside the house. It’s great for people who struggle separating work life from home life, because at the end of the working day you can simply switch off, lock the door and enjoy your evening at home.

There’s no point in renting out a tiny office space in a huge building, and why would you want to go down the risky route of buying contaminated land? It’s a waste of time and you can make something much better – and much cheaper – at home.

If you haven’t got a shed already, then that is the first step in creating your little office. Browse hardware stores and garden centres to find the perfect size shed that you can imagine yourself working in. Think about any equipment you will need to put in the shed and, once you’ve picked one you like, you can begin sketching out where you want everything to go. This can include where all electrical outlets will be, where you will be installing your desk, and if you will be making a small ‘kitchen area’ with a kettle and toaster for quick lunches during the working day.

Once you’ve bought a shed, you might want to prepare the ground to put the shed on. Normally you wouldn’t need to worry too much about this, however because you will be adding electricity to the space it is more crucial that you have protection from damp. This is why you might consider laying a foundation in concrete, or putting down some paving slabs, before you build the shed. Insulate the walls for extra comfort and even add in plasterboard if you like. All of these extra actions will make your office much more secure and safe. And if you’ve bought a shed which hasn’t got a window, it may be worth looking into cutting one out of the wall. It will give you some natural light and the option of fresh air if you need it.

Now that your shed is built, you can go to town on the decoration. First of all, install all of the electrics for your computer, mobile devices, and even a small mini fridge if you like. You can let your creativity really shine and paint the exterior with Cuprinol – and interior whatever colour you like! Now it’s just a case of adding in a desk, a cosy sofa for chilling out over your lunch, and some fun pieces of art to add some character to your little work den.

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