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Working From Home vs Working In a Business Environment

Some of us are extremely fortunate to find ourselves in a position where we can be our own boss.

That might be launching your own company, providing a product or service, or simply doing something that you are skilled in and working freelance. However, when you find yourself in this position you are then faced with the decision of how you are going to work. Do you work from home or do you get yourself a commercial premises?

Of course, the type of business you have may dictate the answer to this question; but if you can make the choice, which one would you choose? Many would think working from home is the dream, but is it really? Would working in an office or business environment help you to be more productive? We thought we would discuss the pros and cons of both options so, if you are facing this decision, you may find that some of these views could help you make that all-important choice.

Working in a business environment

There are benefits to being ‘on site’, and having a formal location where your business is based. Having a dedicated place of work – even if you are your own boss – can help you to remain productive and get into your business mindset. Whether you choose to have an office somewhere, or lease a commercial property to help with your business, it can be very productive.

However, you do have to consider the overheads of having a business premises, and whether or not it is really necessary at this time. While it enables you to separate your work and home life, and have a place to keep things that are business related, is it impossible to work without it? These are some of the things you need to consider. However, one final benefit of having a business location is the opportunity of advertising, and the footfall sales this could potentially create. Is all of that enough to make you decide a business location is best for you and your business strategy, however?

Working from home

Many people like the idea of working from home, and why wouldn’t they? The vision of working from your laptop, with endless cups of tea, sitting in your pyjamas with your favourite daytime quiz on in the background. The dream!

The reality, of course, is somewhat different. It can be extremely distracting working from home. You have the constant reminder of things that can or could be done around the house: putting the washing on, preparing the evening meal, tackling that pile or ironing. Just these three examples alone could distract you all day from the work you need to do.

On the flip side, having a dedicated workspace somewhere in your home is an ideal scenario and can take some of the distraction away. Plus, it doesn’t cost anything to work from home, you can wear what you want, and it certainly could prove useful for a flexible working environment, especially around a young family. But are all those benefits enough to sway you?

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