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Power Outfit: Barbara Soltysinksa, Founder of indaHash

Barbara Soltysinksa has packed a lot into her 29 years.

After co-founding and subsequently selling a controlling stake of the hugely successful – a multi-channel YouTube collaborative network – she has since launched her new business indaHash: a platform that connects brands and agencies to social influencers to create content.

In a world where those that have a strong social media presence – think Zoella, Tanya Burr, Fleur De Force – are increasingly being used by brands to promote their products, Barbara has created a business that taps into this emerging relationship between creator and advertiser.

Based between Warsaw and London, she is constantly travelling for business, but keeps a relaxed ethos towards her workwear with a ‘what feels right on the day’ attitude – and perhaps a Disney princess dress once in a while, too!

Give us an insight into your working life. What does indaHash do?

indaHash is a technology platform that connects brands and agencies directly to social influencers to create authentic and original branded content campaigns. Launched in Poland in January 2016, we also now operate in the UK, Germany and South Africa. To date we have run almost 300 global campaigns with the likes of L’Oreal, Google and Coca-Cola, and there are more than 90,000 global social influencers on the platform.

Can you tell us a little bit about your working background before you founded indaHash?

Prior to indaHash, I co-founded LifeTube – now one of Central Europe’s biggest multi-channel networks – by gathering together influential YouTubers in Poland. We have over 34,000,000 subscribers and over 1,000 content marketing video campaigns. I recently sold a controlling stake to one of Poland’s biggest management funds, Altus, and am now focused on making indaHash an even bigger success.

Apart from Warsaw, where you are currently based, are there any other dream locations that you’d like to work?

New York and Dubai, please!

My power outfit:
barbara soltysinksa indahash lifetube power outfit black top blue green skirt
What occasion are you dressed for in this photo?

I was being interviewed for the EY Enterpreneur of the Year Awards. It was also the day that we signed the deal to exit from my first start-up,

Why did you choose this particular outfit?

I love dresses as they are fast and simple. I feel good, self-confident, and I don’t have to match too many things.

Here at My Little Black Book, we think women should feel unstoppable when wearing their power outfit. What does the term ‘power outfit’ mean to you?

Being the best version of yourself – and feeling unstoppable!

What item of clothing do you own that makes you feel empowered when you wear it?

My smartwatch! I can be on a plane, in the office or out with my friends, but still feel in control of my business 24/7.

Being an entrepreneur means that you can take ownership of your working life. Can you be a little more experimental with your work wear or do you still have to keep a certain level of formality?

I work in the fast-paced digital and technology sector, so we have more licence to be creative in our approach and our dress. I tend to be a little more formal than others in my team as a personal preference, but I always choose only things that I really like.

Are you an outfit pre-planner or is it just what feels right on the day?

I don’t like pre-planning outfits. When I get up I want to choose something that really appeals to me on the day.

Which woman’s style do you most admire and why?

All the Disney princesses! Just because I’m a successful, driven business woman doesn’t mean I can’t still love a fairytale.

Do you think that there are different expectations for how men and women should dress in the workplace, and do you think this can potentially affect on a woman’s career?

No. I believe everyone should wear clothes to express themselves.

What style advice would you give to a younger Barbara taking her first, tentative steps into the working world?

To keep being herself – in terms of her clothing and her looks.

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