What better way to feel good than to listen to some great music? These songs will leave you smiling from ear to ear. Just hit play!

Life Music: Songs for Happiness

It’s Wellness Week here at My Little Black Book, and what better way to feel good than to listen to some great music?

Maybe sip a smoothie or munch on kale whilst you’re at it, or, like me, just have the chocolate – nobody’s judging. At least not me.

This month’s playlist is designed to make you feel happy. To beat the January blues and put a smile on your face. Just hit play!

Life Music: Songs for Happiness

David Bowie, Let’s Dance”

Last week, we woke up to the sad news that David Bowie had died of cancer. Quite rightly the world reacted by listening to his incredible body of work, resulting in Bowie’s albums making up 25% of the top 40. His new album, Blackstar, reached number one in both the UK and the US charts – his first number one album in America. This song is a classic and, with such an infectious beat, one you cannot help but dance to. And since we are on the subject of happiness, it seems only right to share my personal favourite Bowie lyrics from the track Golden Years. If you are ever in need of motivation, just think of these words, “In walked luck and you looked in time, never look back, walk tall, act fine.”

Courtney Barnett, “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party”

I mean, who wants to go to a party in January? With most people recuperating from the Christmas indulgences and many taking part in Dry January, this is the month to curl up at home, watch a good boxset and chill with your friends. This song is sure to make you feel completely fine about wanting to stay home. Nominated for International Female Artist at the Brit’s, Courtney has had a fantastic year and I am delighted to see her rock music and kooky, observational lyrics being widely appreciated. Check out her latest album, Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit, too.

War, “Low Rider”

Back to 1975 we go for some funky, cool vibes. The encapsulating bass riff, sweet saxophone and harmonica provide a real groove which will get your head bobbing. As fresh today as it was back in the seventies, you can chill to this track any time, any where. Just sit back, relax and imagine riding low – it’s not hard, just oh so right.

Gibraltar, “Beiruit”

Bongos, a solid piano riff, harmonies and rhythmic clapping – this track had me hooked straight away. From the American band’s fourth album No, No, No, the track opens with the lyrics, “Everything should be fine” – and why wouldn’t it be with this smile inducing song?

Izzy Bizu, “White Tiger”

If you haven’t heard of Izzy Bizu yet, there is no doubt you will this year. Izzy has the kind of beautiful soul voice you could listen to all day long. You can certainly hear her influences in her singing and music – including Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald. Izzy was part of the BBC Sound of 2016 longlist, her style being described as “sun-kissed soul”. Her new single, White Tiger, is just pure joy. What I particularly love about her fresh vibe is how clean her songs are, relying on a funky piano and her fabulous vocals. I can’t wait to see her live one day.

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