Life Music: Songs for Self Love

Love it, hate it, or couldn’t care less, Valentine’s Day never goes unmentioned in February.

But why should the day dedicated to love be all about romance? Whether you’re coupled up or single, there can be no greater relationship than that with yourself. So, this V Day, let’s celebrate women who sing about being just fine on their own, thanks.

Life Music: Songs for Self Love 

Cyndi Lauper, Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

So true. We do. And NOTHING can stop us! Turn it up.

Robyn, Dancing On my Own”

“I’m just gonna dance all night” should be the tagline to every night out. Why? Because yes, you are, you are fine dancing on your own. I absolutely love this song. A smile stretches across my face as I flash back to one of my favourite scenes in Lena Dunham’s Girls. Marni catches Hannah doing some of the best bedroom dancing on her own and laughs with her. It reminds me of girl friends and dancing like an idiot with not a care in the world.

Grace, You Don’t Own Me”

You certainly blooming well don’t, and there is no cooler way to say it than with this cover. Revamping Lesley Gore’s original, Australian Grace is a hip hop soul singer who has grabbed the attention of many DJs with this remix. Annie Nightingale is a particular fan. Sultry and soulful, this powerful feminist anthem is one to sing loud and proud.

Elle King, Ex’s and O’s”

Just like Grace, Elle brings female attitude back to the forefront with a big voice and big personality. She declares, with a mix of rocky blues and country passion, that she is winning and wanted. She’s in control and confident, and this song screams, “Don’t mess with me!” I think her Ex’s and Oh’s will be even more gutted they lost her after this debut.

Alessia Cara, Here”

This song just oozes self love. I’m fine on my own mate, thanks, I’m not even bothered about being “Here”. I could quote every lyric to explain why this song is so great at not giving a damn. Every time, just click play and from the first beat drink up the cool sass, wallow in the jazz keys and sing along – if you can keep up. I suddenly feel so much cooler than I actually am with this track. Lyrically brilliant and released to worldwide acclaim in 2015, this Canadian singer has been shortlisted for big things by so many industry experts. Swifty is even a fan – look up Alessia’s cover of Bad Blood, you won’t be disappointed.

Aretha Franklin, Respect”

Since we’re celebrating self love, we are throwing in more love by adding another track. What better than my personal all time anthem for women, Respect. Get your Bridget Jones on and demand some. We all deserve it.

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MUSIC EDITOR Louise is a Cumbrian chocoholic with a passion for music, singing too loud and dancing like a loon. A former city lawyer, she now fills her days working for BBC Radio, writing and singing her heart out. Lives in skinny jeans and loves a good stripe. Did we mention she likes chocolate?

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