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10 Ways To Achieve Work/Life Balance

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much energy we expend in our everyday lives.

I love my job, but balancing work with some semblance of a social life can be extremely tough – especially through the dreaded winter months! From my experience, many women feel exactly the same.

I was having this conversation recently with the renowned hypnotherapist and counsellor, Diana Parkinson, whom I met in the middle of yet another hectic day planning the details of my supper club (which I am launching next month and which are intended to inspire, inform and motivate women). We got chatting about the pressures of everyday life and, ever the professional, she really understood what I was going through.

In fact, she had several great nuggets of advice for women like me, who want to be the best at both work and play. What she said really resonated, and so I thought I would share her advice on achieving work/life balance with My Little Black Book, in the hope it helps some of you get the best out of life – as it already has done for me.

Ten Tips for Balancing Your Hectic Lifestyle – by Diana Parkinson

1. It’s really important to feel you are in control of your life, so set clear boundaries between work and play.

2. Make sure you have a fulfilling personal life, with time for friends and family. Find time to exercise too, as exercise is essential for a healthy body and mind.

3. Keep the personal and professional separate. Don’t take problems to work and vice versa.

4. Always start the day with breakfast. Porridge is ideal; it calms both body and mind, and keeps you going until lunch!

5. Before going to bed, plan what you will wear the next day, so that in the morning you are organised and stress-free. Get eight hours sleep a night whenever possible.

6. Focus your energy on one task at a time, maximising your efficiency and helping you achieve so much more.

7. Be assertive. Deal with people and situations calmly. Speak up for what you believe in with honesty and diplomacy, in order to earn trust and respect.

8. The more work you take on, the more is expected of you, so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it and do delegate where you can.

9. Remember you are not a god, just a mere mortal. Know when to say no, whether to extra work or the expectations of family and friends.

10. Make some time for yourself, whether to read a book, have your nails done, or do something you love. Indulge yourself and re-charge your batteries.

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Dame Emma-Jane Brown is a former international show-jumper, TV and radio commentator, passionate charity ambassador, and founder of EJB Events, a luxury concierge and events company providing bespoke services for busy people.


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