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Career Lessons to Learn from Hit Lyrics

Music may accompany your commute to work every morning, but have you ever thought that the lyrics of your favourite songs might also have a word or two you can apply to your career?

We have selected four motivational songs that we consider the soundtrack to getting through any tricky work situation (dancing optional). So turn up the volume and listen carefully to the valuable career lessons these lyrics can impart…

How to bounce back from a mistake

If you’ve made a mistake at work, take a deep breath and give yourself a moment to think logically about possible solutions. Take steps to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, before a small mistake turns into something major, or speak to your superiors if it is more difficult to resolve – being honest about making a mistake will ultimately gain you respect and be a valuable learning experience. However, just be sure that when you clock off for the evening, you do as Taylor Swift says and “Shake it Off”. Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t let them define you.

How to recover from a bad business experience

There will be times in your professional life when you will have a bad experience – a bullying boss, being made redundant, or parting with a client over a deal that goes sour. When faced with such challenges, think of the surprisingly apt Frozen tune, “Let It Go”. When something goes wrong, the most sensible thing to do is to make sure you are aware of your rights, responsibilities, and possible remuneration, but when all is said and done let it go with grace – after all, it’s a small professional world out there and the reputation you gain from how you acted will stick with you longer than the career cold spell does.

How to make yourself noticed in your field

Working in a team is a balancing act: there are times when you will have to bite your tongue and agree politely with your clients or colleagues, but there are also times when you need to do a Katy Perry and “Roar”. The vital thing is to learn from your experiences and be brave enough to let yourself be heard. It is by speaking up that you will truly gain ground in your career, whether through pitching an idea, showcasing your talents, or making those business connections.

How to deal with negativity

An unfortunate part of having career ambition is that you may encounter negativity and disappointment along the way. In this instance, and for all those Glee aficionados, the lyrics of “Loser Like Me” – specifically, “Everyone you want to be probably started off like me” – are completely accurate. The examples of these lyrics ringing true are endless: Howard Schultz was turned down by banks 242 times before Starbucks became a reality; Walt Disney’s theme park concept was trashed 302 times before being accepted; J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times by publishers before Harry Potter was published; and Steve Jobs didn’t graduate from university. So shake off the negativity – you’ll prove them wrong when you’re the boss.

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