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How to Make the Most of Your Day Off

Congratulations, you’ve managed to get a day off work!

Now, before you go back to sleep or switch Netflix on, let’s just take a moment to realise how precious this day is. You have an entire 24-hour period to yourself; no emails to answer, no phone calls to take, no one to watch your every move. Today is your day, and we’ve got some tips on how you can make the most of it!

Have fun

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Sometimes you just need to relax on your day off; after all, you’ve spent weeks working and deserve a day of doing nothing. That said, you should at least plan to do something fun!

For many people, having fun at home consists of eating snacks, catching up on TV, and playing games, so why not take a quick trip to the grocery store, take a look at your Sky Planner, and log onto your favourite online casino? One of the sites we love is bgo as they have almost every sort of game you could wish for all in one place, from table games to bingo rooms. bgo’s roulette options stand out as the site hosts some of the most popular online roulette games, including Pro Premium Roulette, Marvel Roulette and 3D Roulette. Plus, when you sign up, you’ll receive 20 free spins and a 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit, which you can also spend on their vast range of slots. Other great online gaming options options include Vera&John who have their very own shop, and Foxy Casino who are currently offering new players 50 free spins.

Get gaming

Speaking of games, why not also visit some of the incredible games sites available on the Internet? There are thousands of free games that you can either play online or download to your desktop, tablet or mobile, all of which are simply a click away. Spelunky, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,  Robot Unicorn Attack and various other incredibly entertaining games can be found on sites such as Tiny Subversions, the BBC and, of course, Adult Swim.

Take a trip

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A day may not seem long enough to experience a satisfying vacation, but that all depends on where you go. Perhaps there’s a local attraction you’ve wanted to visit for a while now? There may even be a café or restaurant you’ve heard good things about that you’d like to visit for yourself? Allow yourself to break away from your daily routine and experience all the benefits that come with exploration.

See friends and family

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With such a busy schedule, there’s a good chance that you may have unknowingly allowed relationships to depreciate. Fortunately, you now have a full 24-hours to ensure those relationships are stronger than ever. Visit your friends and family throughout the day and make sure they know how important they are to you, even if you do not see each other as often as you would like.


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We know, we know: why would you want to work on your day off? Well, volunteering is different from your day job and you’ll probably gain a greater sense of satisfaction. You are using your precious time to help others, a truly selfless act that will improve your local community and your life.

Re-think your future

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Okay, it’s time for real talk: why is it that you feel such a sense of relief when you don’t have to go into work? Is it simply the knowledge that you will be able to recharge before returning to your job as a better employee? Or do you perhaps actually dislike your job? If the latter rings true then it might be time to look for an alternative, or an entirely new, path. Use your day off to re-evaluate your current situation and re-think your future. If you are dreading returning to work, remember it’s never too late to start again.

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