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Purse Essentials for the Career-Oriented Millennial

As a busy, career-oriented woman, you are always on the go.

Between interviews and meetings, networking opportunities and ‘personal time’, it’s important to make sure you’re always prepared and have everything you need to increase your chances of success. After all, success is where preparation and opportunity meet, right?

Outside of preparing yourself skills wise, it’s important to be proactive and always carry certain items on you. You never know when you may need them!

Here is our list of the eleven purse essentials a busy, career-oriented millennial should carry on the go. Print out, pin up, and always be prepared.

1. Your CV Saved as a PDF

It goes without saying: you never know who you’re going to meet and when. Having your resume saved on your phone gives you a competitive edge over competition. It’s the modern version of carrying around business cards. You could meet a future employer in the grocery store, and when they ask you to email your CV you can go ahead and do it on the spot.

2. Emergency Taxi Cash

For those days when you don’t have time to run all the way to the tube/bus/your parked car and you have somewhere to be.

3. Glasses/Sunglasses

Secured an interview? You have to know where you’re going and be able to see what you’re doing or you risk being late (not to mention the surprise writing test they might spring on you!). Never forget to carry your glasses with you. And when the sun hits, the shades go on. As someone who’s always on the run, being stranded on a sunny summer day without these would be a nightmare.

4. Tissues

One word, nine letters, completely unpredictable: allergies.

5. Business Cards

Regardless of whether or not you’ve in a permanent job, any business-oriented woman should carry around business cards with her name and contact information on them. It looks more professional than scribbling your number down on a piece of paper.

6. Granola Bar

Getting caught in back-to-back meetings with no time for a lunch break will only make you over-eat at dinnertime. Be sure to have a nutritious snack packed away in your bag.

7. Emergency Sewing Kit

Buttons come off all the time and seams tend to split without warning. There are too many horror stories associated with wardrobe malfunctions at the wrong time; don’t let your interview or meeting become one of them.

8. Concealer

Did you have a long day at the office or go for post-work cocktails with colleagues? Nobody will be able to tell.

9. Breath Mints and Deodorant

Nobody wants to talk to somebody with bad breath or poor personal hygiene. Whether you’re job searching or already working, chances are you spend most of your days talking to others and entering into people’s personal space. Bonus: breath mints are much more convenient than carrying around a toothbrush.

10. Paracetamol and Plasters

These are two things you absolutely can’t forget. We’re all women, and we all have a special time in which paracetamol really does come in handy. Reserve your sick leave for when you’re actually sick. Furthermore, for those of us who like to wear heels (guilty) and don’t always have a chance to break shoes in, carry plasters so you won’t have to limp home after a long day in the office.

11. Hair Pins and Hairspray

Bad hair days are a dime a dozen. We can’t control the weather, and we can’t control the humidity, but we can control whether or not we’re prepared for it. Rainy day? Bring it on.

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