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10 Minutes With: Guardian Journalist, Kitty Dann

Roll up, roll up, read all about it! Get the inside scoop on life as a journalist from Guardian hack, Kitty Dann.
30 Second CV

Name: Kitty Dann

Age: 28

Location: London

Current Title/Company: Journalist at Guardian News & Media

Educational Background: MA in Italian and French from Glasgow University, MPhil in Modern Languages from Oxford University, NCTJ diploma

The Real Deal

Brief overview of what you do:

I write, commission and edit news stories and features for the Guardian’s small business network, one of the Guardian’s professional networks. My role also involves website production work, managing social media and working with some sponsors.

Can you describe your job in 3-5 words?

Writing stuff, quickly.

Do you have a weekday morning routine?

I try to run three times a week before work. Other than that, every day I make coffee and scan the news while listening to the Today programme.

What does a typical day at your desk look like?

No two days are the same, but I’ll start by looking through the papers and checking how our content is doing. We may have a team meeting to discuss potential stories, and then I’ll settle into whatever is on the cards that day – but whatever I do will be interspersed with interviews, social media posts and many, many phone calls.

What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

You never forget your first – and getting my first job in journalism was a huge milestone for me. I worked for Trinity Mirror in local news, and learned so much.

Your job – the good, the bad, the ugly:

Every day I work on something different, which suits me, and I’m in a fortunate position when it comes to getting audiences with well-known people and hearing inspiring stories first hand. However, you have to have a thick skin in this job – or learn not to read below the line.


What would you say to your twenty year old self with the benefit of hindsight?

Maybe give the purple hair a miss…

What’s the last book you read?

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler

What are you listening to at the moment?

Lots of different podcasts. At the moment my favourites are Financial Times journalist Lucy Kellaway’s Listen to Lucy, and This American Life for a longer listen.

What’s your favourite way to treat yourself?

A G&T, made with Portobello Road gin.

What can’t you leave the house without?

My diary – if it’s not written down, it’s not happening.

Complete this statement: I feel most powerful when wearing_____ my running kit – although the feeling rarely lasts.

My weekday wardrobe consists of:

If I’m in the office I dress quite casually, so a variation on jeans, a white shirt and brown brogues.

If you could have lunch with any woman in the world, who would it be (and what would you order)?

If my mum’s not available, it would be brilliant to meet Cherry Healey – I love her documentaries. I’d order a glass of dry white wine and some fresh pasta.

Kitty Dann is a journalist and content coordinator for the Guardian Small Business Network. Follow her on Twitter at @Kitty_Dann.

Written by:

Victoria is an award-winning writer with a penchant for pintxos (and pudding). Her days revolve around business, barre and bellinis. In reverse order.

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